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New Public Facilities
New Public Facilities

October 3, 2015

Please join us for an Open House at your new Public Works Building!

Bring the whole family for a tour of Victoria's new Public Works building! Learn how the new building improves the efficiency of important city functions like snow plowing and equipment maintenance.  

The kids will have a blast in the Monster Truck Moonwalk, can take home their very own construction pail filled with treats, and Party Pizza will be on hand with pizza and chocolate chip cookies from 11:30 - 12:30 pm.  

The Fire Department Open House is the same day, from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm.  From 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, the Southwest Transit Trolley will be available to shuttle you between the two FUN events.   
March 10, 2015
Public Works:

- Building is Fully Complete and Occupied

City Hall:

- City staff moved in to the building on January 21, 2015
- A Ribbon Cutting and celebration was held on February 9, 2015
- The Victoria Library celebrated the Grand Opening on March 7, 2015 and is now open for business

December 3, 2014

Public Works:

-Construction work is substantially complete.
-Minor details corrections will continue through this week.
-Staff is approved to begin installing equipment.
-Should have a certificate of occupancy issued, either by the end of this week or early next week.

City Hall:

-Exterior siding is substantially complete (plank, EIFS, stonework and metal bands/trim). There are some trim pieces to be installed and the two-story wall to be completed, when the glass arrives. Scaffolding and poly are removed from the front wall (other than the two-story glass portion) so the finished look can be seen.
-City offices drywall is complete, taped and sanded. Continuing to install sheetrock in the library. Getting close to being completed with that portion.
-Elevator installation has begun.
-Main lobby stair is scheduled to be delivered and installed early next week.
-Mechanical, electrical, low-voltage and security rough-in installations are on-going.

November 10, 2014 Update

Public Works: 


-Stair to the mezzanine has been installed.

-Mechanical work continues.

-Painting of walls has commenced.

-Exterior work (grading, paving) is substantially complete.


City Hall:


-Stone work on the front of the building continues (work suspended today due to winds) .

-Curb work in front of the building has been completed.

-Siding on the north side (trail side) of the building is completed.  Siding on the east side is complete; still need to install the band at the top.  Siding on the west side is half installed.

-Sheetrock work continues on both floors.

-Openings are “polyed” off and the interior is temporarily heated.

-Floor in west stair exit landing has been removed.  Floor level will be corrected for code compliance.

October 10, 2014 Update

Public Works:

-Insulation of the exterior walls is about one-third complete.
-Framing of the office walls and office ceiling/mezzanine floor has begun.
-Skylights are cut in and installed. The trim on the interior needs to be installed.
-Fire sprinkler work continues.
-Lights in the garage have begun to be installed.

City Hall:

-Window frames are installed on both floors on the north side of the building.
-Glazing is installed on the north wall windows on the second floor.
-Electrical rough-in and mechanical ductwork installations continue.
-Gas piping work has begun.

October 3, 2014 Update

Public Works:

-The concrete slab is in place, polished, cured and saw cut.
-Insulation of the exterior walls (steel panels) has begun.
-Installation of the structural steel for the mezzanine has begun.

City Hall/Library:

-Stone work is nearly complete. Framing on the front of the building will need to proceed before the final stone work can be completed.
-First window has been set. It’s on the north side of the second floor, east end of the building.
-Insulation of the north, east and west walls continue.
-Sheetrock is installed in the east side stair enclosure so the stair stringers can be installed and stairs to the second floor can be used.
-Mechanical system duct installation is proceeding.
-Waiting on the final details for the two story lobby.
-Commercial gas meter was set. Appears it will be relocated.

September 26, 2014 Update

Public Works:

-All floor insulation and in-floor heat tubing is in place, tested and ready to be covered.
-The slab is being poured in the office area and wash bay today. The rest of the floor will be poured on Monday morning.
-The steel workers continue to place and tie the steel reinforcement for the remainder of the slab. Will be completing that today.
-No other interior work is going on today (or Monday), due to the concrete pour.

City Hall/Library:

-Electrical rough-in work continues.
-The framer is doing detail work while waiting for final plans for the two-story entry wall.
-Stone work on the east and west sides of the building is proceeding well and looking good.

August 27, 2014

City Hall/Library:  The floor trusses are nearly installed.  The second floor sheathing (plywood) is being installed as the floor trusses are set in place.  The second floor east wall is in place and north wall has begun.  The wall sections are pre-built and delivered to the site.  The wall sections are lifted into place and fastened together.  The backside of the concrete masonry elevator shaft can be seen.

Public Works:  The structural elements of the Public Works building are nearly complete.  The pre-cast concrete foundation is scheduled to be installed on Wednesday (August 27, 2014) with connections and caulking completed by the end of this week.  Following this, the metal siding will be installed on top of the concrete foundation and fastened to the wall purlins.  The metal roofing will be installed once the walls are complete.

7-26-14 City Hall7-26-14 Public Works

August 7, 2014 - City Hall

All footings, foundation and elevator shaft is complete.  The library level concrete floor is complete.  The steel columns and steel beams are in place and substantially complete.  The next step is the construction of the walls and 2nd floor.  The walls, second floor (City hall level) and roof will be constructed of wood and will constitute a majority of the buildings construction.

City Hall
City Hall

August 7, 2014 - Public Works

The vertical steel columns seen in the picture have two roles:  support the roof load and provide an anchoring point for the steel wall panels to be fastened.  The "ribs" supporting the roof can be seen at the north end (far end) of the building spanning between the columns.

Once the steel frame is completed the pre-cast concrete walls will be brought in.  The concrete walls will be placed on the concrete strip footing behind the concrete and steel columns around the entire perimeter of the building.  The concrete walls will extend approximately 4 feet above the ground.  the steel panel walls will rest on the pre-cast foundation walls and get fastened to the steel columns and horizontal steel framing between the columns. 

Public Works
Public Works

July 15, 2014

The City Hall and Library project are moving ahead.  The elevator shaft is rising above the site and you can now see the footprint of the building.  However, as a result of the weather and some other issues, the project is about one month behind schedule.

On the other hand the new Public Works Building is only about one week behind schedule.  The site is currently being graded and footings are expected to be in place within the next week.

Elevator Shaft

June 20, 2014   

Despite less than ideal weather conditions, foundation work has started on the new Victoria City Hall/Library building located on Stieger Lake Lane. Additionally preliminary site work is being done for the Public Works building on Bavaria Road.

 City Hall Library

 The two buildings are scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

Groundbreaking Ceremonies were held on June 2, 2014 for the new City Hall and Public Works Buildings.

City Hall Groundbreaking - City Council
City Hall Groundbreaking - City Council

On Friday May, 16, 2014 a poly wall barrier was constructed due to the environmental concerns in City Hall.  The intent of the barrier is to try and contain the fumes.  The two staff members that worked in the area were relocated due to the petroleum smells.



City Hall
The City Council approved a land exchange between the City and Hartman Brothers, LLC.  The terms of the exchange include the City trading approximately 8,500 sq. ft of land it owns on Victoria drive next to the Post Office for a portion of a site 11,000 sq. ft on Stieger Lake Lane owned by Hartman Brothers, LLC.  Hartman Brothers, LLC will immediately begin construction of a two-story, 4,600 sq. ft comercial building on Stieger Lake Lane.  Construction of a 10,000-14,000 building on the Victoria Drive property will follow.  The City will get an 8,000 sq. ft site on Stieger Lake Lane for a new City Hall/Library.

Brunton Architects was hired by the City to design the two story 10,000-12,00 sq ft City Hall/Library on the newly acquired Stieger Lake Lane site.  Construction is scheduled to begin next spring.


Public Works
(8001 Bavaria Road)
The City Council approved the purchase of land owned by Hartman Tree Farms for the New Public Works Facility to be located at 8001 Bavaria Road.

Data Requests
Periodically, the City receives requests for Data by residents and or constituents.  The requests below by residents are in regards to the Public Facilities.  The City has disclosed the requests and information submitted in response.  Click on the link below and it will take you to a page where all of the documents can be download.