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Steering Committee
2040 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee
As part of creating Victoria's 2040 Comprehensive Plan, the City has established a steering committee comprised of residents, business owners, and representatives of the City's existing boards and committees to serve as a sounding board to topics and plans evaluated over the course of the 18 month planning period.  This page will be updated with the most recent information provided to and reviewed by the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee - Meeting 1.jpg

Committee Members:
  • Aaron Paradise
  • Scott Stensland
  • Dave Gestach
  • Ryan Jirik
  • Shawn Eastman
  • Nan Emmer
  • Dick Hawley
  • Beverly Tokarz
  • John Hayes
  • Jon Carlson [Finance]
  • Joe Lieser [VBA]
  • Jeff Loeschen [Planning Commission]
  • John Wichmann [Planning Commission]
  • Kevin Roberts [Parks & Recreation]
  • Teresa Gregory [Parks & Recreation]

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Metropolitan Council's Local Planning Handbook:

Joint Meeting of the City Council, Planning Commission and Park & Rec Committee [January 25th, 2018]

Meeting #7 [December 13, 2017]

Meeting #6 [November 15, 2017]

Meeting #5 [September 27, 2017]

Meeting #4 [July 18, 2017]

Meeting #3 [May 24, 2017]

Meeting #2 [April 26, 2017]

Meeting #1 [March 22, 2017]