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2018 Street and Drainage Improvements
Project Description
The proposed 2018 Street and Drainage Improvement project, as part of the City’s Annual Street Capital Improvement Plan, is a reclaim project in which the streets included will gain a new road base, draintile, and a new bituminous surface. In addition, adjacent properties will receive a sump pump service extended to their property. Finally, it is proposed that as part of this project, there will be spot curb replacement, and maintenance on both the watermain and sanitary sewer systems. The project is in the early stages of planning, and if approved, it is anticipated that construction would occur in 2018.

Map of the Project
2018 Street Improvement Map
Phasing Map
Rhoy St Closure 5/7-5/11

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Project Meetings
October 26, 2017

City Council Items
August 14, 2017: See Item 5B
November 13, 2017: Accept Feasibility Report and Order Public Improvement Hearing
December 11, 2017: Public Improvement Hearing Notice
January 25, 2018: Approve Plans and Specifications and Order Advertisement for Bid
March 12, 2018: Accept Bids and Award Contract

Project Updates
December 4, 2017: Project Update
March 21, 2018: Resident Letter
April 25, 2018: Project Update
May 2, 2018: Road Closure Notification
May 4, 2018: Project Update
May 11, 2018: Project Update
May 18, 2018: Project Update
May 29, 2018: Project Update
June 1, 2018: Project Update
June 8, 2018: Project Update
June 15, 2018: Project Update
June 25, 2018: Project Update
June 29, 2018: Project Update
July 6, 2018: Project Update
July 13, 2018: Project Update
July 20, 2018: Project Update