Fire Department

Mission Statement

The Victoria Fire Department is comprised of dedicated and trained volunteers from the community, who strive to minimize the impacts of hazards and medical emergencies to our citizenry with integrity and compassion.

We accomplish this by:

  • Actively and continually training to meet or exceed all appropriate standards for emergency response.
  • Responding in a safe and timely fashion to all calls.
  • Always striving to conduct ourselves in a professional, honorable and respectful manner.
  • Continually educating the public on hazard awareness and prevention.
  • Living and Breathing: Everyone Goes Home.

Victoria Fire Department


The City of Victoria has a combination Fire Department consisting of 35 paid-on-call firefighters who live or work in the City of Victoria and one full-time Fire Chief. Paid-on-call firefighters devote time outside of their normal work and family lives to serve the needs of their community. The Victoria Fire Department expects a high level of professional conduct from all members. Each member is required to be familiar with and abide by all Fire Department rules, regulations, policies, and operating guidelines. These stringent guidelines help prepare the community’s firefighters to meet the challenge that each alarm brings when duty calls.

All of our staff are Firefighter II certified. All staff, at a minimum, are Emergency Medical Responder certified and 17 have continued on to earn their Emergency Medical Technician certification. The Victoria Fire Department members appreciate your support as we continually strive to make the City of Victoria a safer city.


The Victoria Fire Department members are notified of an emergency by carrying a pager that is activated from the Carver County Sheriffs Office 911 Center. Our agency works closely with the Carver County Sheriffs Office and Ridgeview Medical Center Ambulance Service on all emergency runs.

Also we work and train closely with neighboring Cities of Carver, Chanhassen, Chaska, Excelsior, St. Bonifacius and Waconia.

2020 Annual Report

The Victoria Fire Department's 2020 Annual Report is available in an online format. Key items to note include:

  • 278 emergency responses, up 0.3% from 2019
  • 4,471 hours staff spent on emergency responses
  • 4,547 hours staff spent on staff training
  • $1,256,418 in property loss related to fires in 2020 (Down from $2,022,335 in 2019)
  • 164 hours spent on community outreach events in 2020 (Down approximately 100 hours from 2019 due to COVID)

Learn more about the Victoria Fire Department's 2020 activities in the online annual report.

General Information

For any questions or general information queries about the Fire Department, please email Andrew Heger, Fire Chief.

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