Public Safety

Carver County Sheriff

The City of Victoria contracts police services with the Carver County Sheriff's Office. The contract policing allows the City of Victoria to partner with the county and leverage resources together to share and reduce costs.

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Carver County Sheriff car

Snowmobile Restrictions

Pilot Program to Allow Golf Carts, ATVs on Designated City Streets

In June, the Victoria City Council approved a pilot program to allow golf carts and ATVs on designated city streets. Previously, golf carts had been allowed on local streets in the Deer Run and Laketown neighborhoods only.

The program requires that anyone wishing to drive a golf cart or ATV on city streets first receive a permit from the City of Victoria. The permit, which must be renewed annually, requires:

  • All drivers be 18 years or older
  • Proof of insurance and ownership for the golf cart or ATV
  • Several safety and equipment regulations and restrictions

Golf carts or ATVs CANNOT be driven on any sidewalks or trails; on any state or county highways (Highways 5 & 7; County Roads 11, 13, 18 & 43); on streets with speed limits faster than 30 mph (Bavaria Road and Marsh Lake Road); or on any streets in the City’s central business district (Stieger Lake Lane, Commercial Avenue, Tower Boulevard, 80th Street [north of Trillium], Rose Street [north of Hwy 5] or Quamoclit [north of Hwy 5]).

The pilot program will end on March 31, 2022 unless extended by the City Council. Permits valid through March 31, 2022 are available for a fee of $25 for those meeting all requirements. Applications can be submitted online or at Victoria City Hall.

For more information on permit requirements, regulations and restrictions related to operating a golf cart or ATV on city streets visit or call 952-443-4214.

Victoria Central Business District

Snowmobiles are prohibited on Victoria Drive between Stieger Lake Lane and Arboretum Boulevard and on all streets in the central business district of Victoria. If you have any questions, please contact the City of Victoria at 952-443-4210.

Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Trail 

Snowmobiling on the LRT Trail into Victoria has been prohibited since 2006. The Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority (HCRRA) owns these corridors and has established a policy banning snowmobiles on the trail. If you have any questions, please contact the HCRRA at 612-348-9260.

Carver Park Reserve Trail

The trail through the Carver Park Reserve from County Road 11 to Stieger Lake Lane is closed to snowmobile traffic by the Three Rivers Park District. Access to the Victoria downtown area via the LRT and the Carver Park Trail from Chanhassen and Waconia is prohibited.