Campaign Signs

City of Victoria Code of Ordinances Section 109-171(f)

Local jurisdictions may have ordinances restricting the number and size of signs. If a jurisdiction does have such ordinances, in an even year these ordinances cannot be enforced for a specified time before and after election day. (Minnesota Statutes 211B.045). In jurisdictions which have no sign ordinance, campaign signs may be posted in any size and number throughout the year. 

Political campaign signs not exceeding eight square feet do not require a permit. The sign must contain the name and address of the person responsible for such a sign, and that person shall be responsible for its removal. Such signs shall remain for no longer than 75 days in any calendar year. The city shall have the right to remove and destroy signs not conforming to this article.

Unauthorized Sign on Public Property or Public Right of Way

Any sign installed or placed on public property or on public right of way shall be forfeited to the public. See the Minnesota Department of Transportation for information about signs along highway right of way.