Candidate Information

Election for Mayor and City Council Members 

One mayor and two city council member seats are up for election have on November 3, 2020. These elected officials serve a four-year term, beginning with the first city council meeting in January 2021.  Currently, these seats are held by Mayor Tom Funk and Council Members Tom Gregory and Tom Vogt. 

Candidate Filing

One candidate filed for mayoral seat: Deb McMillan (PDF).

Three candidates filed for city council member seats:

Campaign Financial Reports

An Initial report (PDF) is due within 14 days after receiving contributions or making disbursements of more than $750.

  • Subsequent reports are due 10 days before and 30 days after the election and each year by January 31 until a final report is filed.
  • A final report is due when all debts are settled and all assets are disposed of in excess of $100.
  • A certificate of filing (PDF) shall be submitted to the city clerk no later than seven days after the general or special election (Minnesota Statutes 211A.05, Subdivision 1).

Other Candidate Information

Candidates for City Council and Mayoral Seats

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