Well 2.5

Project Description

As part of discussions about future water supply needs with Council, staff identified a need to replace Well Number 2 due to its deteriorating condition and the need to obtain additional water supply to Water Treatment Plant Number 1. Further evaluation of Well Number 2 has resulted in a conclusion that previously planned redevelopment of the well is not possible and that the well is at risk of failure.

Well Number 2.5 has been approved for construction at Katy Hills Park. The project includes construction of a new driveway off of 81st street, submersible well and control panel. This well will be used in place of the City's Well Number 2. which will be removed from regular service but will be maintained as an emergency back-up.

The new well will have only a minor impact on the park but park use will be impacted during construction. Construction is anticipated to begin the last week of October, 2018 and is scheduled to be completed by May, 2019.

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