Membership classification:

  • Youth, 0-18 years of age
  • Adult, 19-59 years of age
  • Senior, 60 years of age and over
  • Active Military, must provied military ID at time of purchase
  • Student, must be a full-time student
  • Family, two adults and dependant child(ren) residing in the same house.  
    • Chid(ren) means a son, daughter, step-son, step-daughter or eligible foster child up to age 26 if still claimed on members health plan.  

Who qualifies to purchase a "resident" membership?  

People who live within the City of Victoria boundries quilify as a "resident" as well as anyone how works full or part-time or own a business in Victoria.  Provide a pay stub at time of purchase for verification.

How old do I have to be to use the Victoria Recreation Center without adult supervision?

  • Fitness Center
    • Ages 12-13 may use fitness center with adult supervision (18+) and a waiver must be signed by parent and youth.
    • Ages 14-15 may use fitness center without adult supervision, a waiver must be signed by youth and a parent, and youth is required to complete an orientation from a VRC approved instructor.
  • Walking track & gymnasium 
    • Users must be at least 10 years of ages to use track without adult supervision.

Does my Basic Monthly membership automatically renew?

If you purchase a Monthly Membership it will expire at 30 days and will not automatically renew.  If you would like to pay monthly and have it withdrawn from a checking or savings account you can enroll in Direct Debit.

Is there an enrollment fee?

There is no enrollment fee to join the VRC.

Is there a fee to cancel my membership before it expires?