Wasserman Lake Park

On May 13, 2019 the Victoria City Council approved a revised cooperative agreement with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) and authorized the design scope for Wassermann Lake Park. A request for proposal for landscape architecture, engineering and architecture design for the park was issued, and selection of a firm is anticipated by early August. The schedule calls for 90% completion of plans for the park and wetland work by December 2019 and early winter bidding for the project, with construction during in spring/summer of 2020.

This project is a partnership between the city and MCWD to implement a shared vision of clean water, enhanced environmental resources and high quality open space for passive and active recreation. The site is approximately 33.5 acres, including 16 acres of wetland, 6 acres of open water, 8 acres of upland park , 700 feet of stream channel and an undisturbed wooded bluff along the shoreline. The wetland is also an identified source of phosphorus pollution to Wassermann Lake, an impaired water body. This project both supports MCWD’s mission to protect and enhance high value conservation land and improve water quality on priority water bodies, and the city’s goal of providing public access and fulfilling its broader park, trail and open space goals.

The city and MCWD have worked together--with input from interested residents, Wassermann Lake Association and City of Victoria Park and Recreation Committee--to create a preliminary concept plan, including the following elements.

  • Boardwalk and trail network
  • Park shelter
  • Restrooms
  • Lake and shoreline access
  • Nature-based play area
  • Stream channel restoration
  • Vegetation plan
  • Educational signage and site features

There will be additional opportunities for residents to have input into the park plans this fall. Sign up for email or text message notifications about this project.

The capital construction cost of this project, including contingency, is anticipated to be approximately $2.1 million, with an additional $300,000 allocated specifically to site restoration in the wetland and stream areas.

cancept map of Wasserman Lake Park