COVID-19 Community Resources

Roll Up Your Sleeves, Minnesota in text with cartoon man holding out arm with bandaid on itCommunity resources and guidance related to COVID-19 response and recovery efforts are listed below. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

▶ Learn how to sign up for a vaccine on the State's Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector.

The Carver County Public Health Department sends out a COVID-19 Vaccine Info Update email each week.
▶  Sign up for the COVID-19 Vaccine Info Update.
▶ Check for available appointments in Carver County.

Stay Safe MN

Stay Safe MN Violations

While Minnesota expects that businesses and individuals will voluntarily comply with the requirements of the governor’s executive orders to keep their fellow Minnesotans safe, there are consequences for violation of these requirements. These consequences can include petty misdemeanor citations and fines for people, and criminal, civil and regulatory sanctions for businesses and their owners and managers. You may contact Carver County Sheriff’s Office or the applicable state agency to report violations by individuals or businesses.

COVID-19 Testing Resources

General Resources

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