Church Lake Rehab Project

The City of Victoria has partnered with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) to repair the storm pond located on the east side of Church Lake. The pond is located between Victoria Circle and Church Lake. The Storm pond collects runoff from Victoria Circle, 81st Street, and County Rd 11. 

The berm that separates the pond from the lake has failed, allowing stormwater runoff to enter the lake before it has had enough detention time to be treated. The pond is intended to keep the pollutants found in stormwater runoff from entering Church Lake. 

This project team plans to repair the berm, replace the outlet structure, and remove excess sediment from the storm pond; contractors will remove approximately 900 tons of material. This repair will increase the effectiveness of the storm pond, and will help to prevent pollutants from entering this natural body of water. 

Community Impact: The project will help improve all downstream water conditions, from Church Lake, to Lake Minnetonka, to Minnehaha Creek, to the Mississippi River.

Timeline: February-June 2021 (depending on weather)