Strategic Plan

The City of Victoria's 2021-2023 Strategic Plan helps guide future projects, initiatives, and actions undertaken by the City over the next three years.

2021-2023 Strategic Plan

The 2021-2023 interactive monitoring dashboard has been released with 2021 updates.

  View the City of Victoria's 2021-2023 Strategic Plan.

2021-2023 Strategic Priorities

The 2021-2023 Strategic Plan includes eight priorities.

  1. Strategic Priority 1
  2. Strategic Priority 2
  3. Strategic Priority 3
  4. Strategic Priority 4
  5. Strategic Priority 5
  6. Strategic Priority 6
  7. Strategic Priority 7
  8. Strategic Priority 8

Strategic Priority 1: Infrastructure & Transportation 

Infrastructure and Transportation addresses the physical structures, systems and overall city planning that facilitates life, work, play, mobility and other essential activities for everyone in Victoria.

Goal: Everyone in Victoria has access to infrastructure that supports a high quality of life, and an effective multi-modal transportation system to connect to basic services and destination points.