Alum Treatments of Wassermann Lake and Wassermann Pond

City: Victoria

Subwatershed: Six Mile Creek-Halsted Bay Subwatershed

Project Type: Restoration

Project Status: Active

Current Status:

The alum treatments of Wassermann Lake and nearby Wassermann West Pond will begin the week of May 10th, and it is anticipated the work will be completed by May 14th.

Under DNR authorization, the Wassermann Lake public boat launch will serve as a storage and staging area for the alum treatments. While the lake and boat launch will remain open during the treatments, people using the launch may experience short delays when the alum application boats are refilling tanks or adjusting equipment. Delays will be minimized as much as possible.

Watercraft with large tanks will apply alum to the water surface in a precise, GPS tracked pattern to ensure appropriate coverage. During application, the water will temporarily appear cloudy as the alum sinks to the beds of the lake and pond. Over the course of the treatment, the water clarity will increase as nutrients are captured and contained by the alum.

About this project:

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District has planned alum treatments of Wassermann Lake and Wassermann West Pond, which will significantly increase both the health and clarity of the lake.

Wassermann Lake’s health has been seriously degraded by excessive nutrients both entering the lake and cycling internally within the lake.  The District has been working, in partnership with the City of Victoria and the Wassermann Lake Association, to systematically solve these issues.  Over the last five years, the District has completed multiple projects to address the external sources of pollution to the lake. Now the District is in the process of addressing the internal sources of nutrient pollution with alum treatments.

The first alum treatments will occur in the spring of 2021 with the treatment of the lake and pond. In the fall, the District will provide an update to the community on the lake’s response to the alum treatment to date. A second and final treatment is planned for the fall of 2022. The results of the alum treatment project will be a significantly clearer and healthier Wassermann Lake with far fewer algae blooms.


Spring 2021: First alum treatment of Wassermann Lake and second alum treatment of Wassermann West pond

Fall 2021: Community update on initial lake response

Spring 2022: Final alum treatment of Wassermann Lake