Minnesota Local Performance Measurement Reports

The Minnesota Legislature created the Council on Local Results and Innovation in 2010 and charged it with developing a set of 10 performance measures to aid residents, taxpayers, and state and local elected officials in determining the efficiency and effectiveness of counties and cities. Participation in the standard measures program is voluntary. Cities and counties that choose to participate in the standards measure program may be eligible for funding of 14 cents per capita, up to $25,000, from the State of Minnesota.

For more information on the state standards program, see the state auditor's office.

Victoria Annual Performance Report

The City of Victoria continues its commitment to accountability, informed planning and budgeting, operational improvement and program evaluation and strategic focus. By completing the Minnesota Local Performance Measurement Report, the City can assess the current operating environment, anticipate changes, envision the future, and increase effectiveness. This report also fosters our commitment to be a leader in public service delivery by helping us achieve consensus on our objectives and how we measure progress.

Annual Performance Reports