Stieger Lake Lane (West) Improvements

Phase 1 improvements are planned for Stieger Lake Lane from Hwy 5 to the existing bridge on the west side of downtown Victoria, Minneosta in the late summer and fall of 2022.

Project Overview

With development of the City-owned 13.5 acres located on the west side of downtown Victoria anticipated to begin in the coming year, the City of Victoria is moving forward with improvements to the existing segment of Stieger Lake Lane which will serve as a connection from the existing Downtown to new growth to the west.  

Proposed Improvements

The proposed improvements consist of reconstructing the street and storm sewer system, improvements to the sanitary sewer and water systems, installation of required stormwater management facilities, and construction of sidewalk, streetscape amenities, lighting, landscaping and 25 parking stalls along the northside of the street.

Anticipated Project Schedule

  • Construction: Late Summer / Fall 2022

Project Documents

A streetscape map of Stieger Lake Lane West with buildings, trees, roads, and vehicles.The project spans Stieger Lake Lane from downtown to Highway 5 west of downtown Victoria.

Contact Us

Cara Geheren | City Engineer
(651) 300-4261