Prepare to Vote

Voter Registration in Minnesota 

You can start your online registration or register to vote by mail on Minnesota’s election website. You can also register in person on election day.

Voter Registration Deadlines in Minnesota 

  • Online Registration Deadline: 21 days before Election Day 
  • Register by Mail Deadline: Must be received 21 days before Election Day 
  • In-Person Registration Deadline: Available up to and including on Election Day 

Check Your Voter Registration 

You can confirm your voter registration status at your current address on Minnesota’s election website.

Election Dates

  • Primary Election: August 9, 2022
  • General Election: November 8, 2022

Absentee Voting

You can request an absentee ballot on Minnesota's election website. Absentee voting occurs through the mail or at the County for Victoria residents. Dates for absentee voting are June 24 through August 8, 2022.


Minnesota State Statute section 204B.14, subd 3(e) requires that precinct boundaries must be reestablished once legislature have been redistricted which occur after each census. Due to the growth Victoria is experiencing, it has been determined that two additional precincts will be advantageous to the voting public in Victoria. 

The redistricting done by the Senate and House resulted in Victoria being assigned Senate District 48 and House District 48A. Previously we were in Senate District 47 and our House District was split into 47A and 47B. After we adopt our precinct boundaries, Carver County will map out the County Commission boundaries. 

Based on the 2020 Census data, the following precincts keep populations in each district comparable to each other as Victoria continues to expand into Laketown Township. (View PDF Map or View Online Interactive Map)

  • Precinct 1 covers all Victoria north of Hwy 5
  • Precinct 2 covers Victoria south of Hwy 5 and east of County Road 11
  • Precinct 3 covers Victoria south of Hwy 5, west of County Road 11 and north of County Road 43
  • Precinct 4 covers Victoria south and east of County Road 43, west of County Road 11 and north of Marsh Lake Road except the development of The Shores of Marsh Lake
  • Precinct 5 covers south of Marsh Lake Road (due to property recently and continually annexed into Victoria from Laketown Township) 


File for Office

Filing Period for City Councilmember Candidates: August 2-16, 2022