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  1. Extending Bike Path Along Hwy 13/Rolling Acres Road

    There is a small stretch of Hwy 13/Rolling Acres road where a wonderful bike path just... stops. It is long overdue to connect this small length of path from Fribourg Court to Hwy 7. My family, along...

    Apr 24, 2017 by Chelsea Eernisse (7 points)

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  2. Re: Outdoor pool idea

    I am hopeful we will do an outdoor pool with 25 meter lanes that can be used by swim clubs for swim meets. There is a shortage of meter length pools and the long course season, which is meters rather...

    Apr 12, 2016 by Timothy Norheim (5 points)

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  3. Bavaria bike bridge or tunnel

    I would like to propose continuing the bike and walking path on Bavaria to Highway 5, as it currently stops at the end of the Applewood community, and creating a safer way to cross Highway 5 with a...

    Aug 6, 2018 by Lori Tauer-Ankrum (8 points)

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  4. Summertime Developmental/Dead Ice Time

    Currently, developmental ice is from 6-8 Mon, Wed, Fri. In the past this has been a great opportunity for me and my son to skate. Recently, we haven't been able to use this opportunity due to his...

    Feb 16, 2016 by Resident (5 points)

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  5. VolkFest

    I'd like to suggest you don't restrict access to homes next year, your poor planning resulted in having to contact the Sheriff's Department due to the inability to go to my home. I do assume that cost...

    Sep 11, 2022 by Jessica Brown (5 points)

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