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Building Inspections

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1. What is the purpose of a building permit?
2. Where and when do I need smoke detectors in existing homes and additions?
3. When are Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors required?
4. Do you have any tips for homeowners hiring contractors?

City Council

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1. How do I watch city council meetings?
2. How can I see staff reports and packets for city council meetings?
3. How can I contact the city council?

Fire Department

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1. How do I contact the Fire Department when it is not an emergency?
2. How many calls does the Fire Department respond to each year?
3. What is the life expectancy of a smoke detector?
4. Is there a charge for responding to false alarms?
5. Can I get my home fire extinguisher recharged at a fire station?
6. Do I need a burning permit to have a recreational bonfire?
7. What consumer fireworks are legal?
8. Can Victoria businesses sell consumer fireworks?
9. Can certified fireworks display companies obtain a permit from the city to put on a show?
10. Can I join the Victoria Fire Department?
11. Can I burn a large pile of brush on my property?
12. Can I burn leaves?

General Questions

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1. Where is City Hall located?
2. Are there any parking restrictions on city streets after a snow fall?
3. Are there any restrictions for watering my lawn?
4. I am interested in using the Community Room at the Fire Department. Who do I contact about renting this?
5. What utility companies provide services for residents of Victoria?
6. I just bought a house in Victoria. What school district are my children in?
7. I am a new resident of Victoria. Is there any information available regarding services, garbage haulers, etc.?

Parks & Recreation

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1. How do I register for recreation programs?
2. What are the hours of the Victoria Recreation Center?
3. Do you offer fitness classes?
4. Are there any recreation programs available for my kids?
5. Can I use the walking track at the Recreation Center?

Public Works

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1. What items should not be flushed down your toilet?
2. Why does the snow plow keep knocking over my mail box?
3. When will my street get plowed after a snow storm?
4. A rock from a city plow chipped my windshield. Does the city pay for my windshield?
5. What are the on-street parking restrictions during snow storms?
6. What are the water usage restrictions in the city?
7. When does the city sweep the streets?
8. There is a pothole on the street in front of my house. Who do I call?
9. I noticed that there is a damaged swing at a local park. Who do I call?
10. My water bill seems really high, and I am not sure why. How much water do I use when I water my lawn?