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Building Department

  1. Building Permit Application

    Apply for commercial or residential building permit.

  2. Golf Cart License Application

    apply for license to operate golf cart on city roads

  1. General Permit Application

    Apply for following permits: roofing, siding, window/door, water heater changeout, water softener changeout, lawn irrigation,... More…

Citizens Academy

  1. Citizens Academy

    Over six weeks, Citizens Academy participants will engage with city staff and each other to learn about how city services decisions are... More…

City Hall

  1. Board Application Form

    Great communities like Victoria are grown through careful planning and visioning. If you are interested in making an impact in your... More…

  2. Solicitor Registration and Hawker/Peddler Application

    The City of Victoria requires Solicitors to be registered with the city. There is no fee for a Solicitor; $35/week/person for a... More…

  1. Election Judge Application for Presidential Primary

    The City of Victoria is following up qualified individuals to serve as Election Judges for the 2020 Presidential Primary.

Parks and Recreation


    Cancel direct debit for membership at Victoria Recreation Center.

  2. Gym Rental Request

    Fill out to request gym space at the Victoria Recreation Center. Please submit requests a minimum of 7 days prior to requested date. ... More…

  1. Facility Rental Request

    Fill out to request a neighborhood shelter, Lions Park Pavilion or a Victoria Recreation Center facility. Please note that this is a... More…

  2. Volunteer Application

    If you are interested in volunteering for the Parks & Recreation department, submit the form and the Parks and Recreation staff will be... More…


  1. Application for Utility Services

    Fill out an online form to start utility service.

  1. Application to Discontinue Utility Service

    Fill out line form to discontinue utility service.