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Golf Cart & ATV Permit Application

  1. Submit one form per golf cart or ATV to be licensed. Fee is $25/vehicle.

  2. 1.  Submit permit application online and City staff will contact you for credit card payment and mail your permit sticker. 


    2. Bring completed form to Victoria City Hall, 1670 Stieger Lake Lane with payment to pick up your permit sticker.

  3. Type of Vehicle*
  4. Upload copy or image of vehicle title or other proof of ownership.

  5. Proof of Ownership Submitted*
  6. Conditions and Acceptance

    By submitting this form, I hereby understand and accept full responsibility for use of my golf cart or ATV on designated public streets within the City of Victoria.

    Furthermore, I certify that:

    1.  I, or all drivers of my permitted golf cart/ATV shall be 18 years of age or older

    2.  I have read and agree to all of the restrictions and requirements outlined in Victoria Municipal Code Sec. 24-91 (Golf Carts) and/or Sec. 24-98 (ATVs)

    3.  I will not drive my golf cart/ATV on sidewalks or trails, within any parks (except upon designated roadways and parking areas); nor on any prohibited roadways as designated via the City’s “Prohibited Streets/Roads Map.”  

    4.  I will not drive my golf cart/ATV on designated streets between the hours of sunset to sunrise unless equipped with original equipment headlights, taillights and rear-facing brake lights. 

    5.  My golf cart/ATV is equipped with a rear-facing mirror.

    6.  I will not drive my golf cart/ATV in a manner that is careless, reckless or negligent; or that creates loud, unnecessary or unusual noise that disturbs, annoys or interferes with the peace and quiet of others. 

    7.  Golf Cart Only – My golf cart is equipped with the required slow-moving vehicle emblem.

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