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Golf Cart License Application

  1. Submit one form per golf cart to be licensed. Fee is $25/golf cart.

  2. Submit permit online and city staff will contact you for credit card payment and mail your permit sticker. OR Bring completed form to city hall with payment to pick up your permit sticker.

  3. Conditions and Acceptance

    I hereby understand and accept full responsibility for use of my golf cart on public streets within the Deer Run and Laketown neighborhoods.

  4. I further undertand the following golf cart usage restrictions.

  5. 1. This permit is designed for general use to and from Deer Run Golf Course.

  6. 2. Driving golf carts on sidewalks is not permitted.

  7. 3. Driving golf carts on County Roads 11 or 43 is not permitted.

  8. 4. Persons driving golf carts must have valid driver's license.

  9. I agree to comply with the provisions of Minnesota Statutes section 169.045, as amended.

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