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Election Judge Application 2022

  1. Thank you for your interest in serving as an Election Judge! Election judges are temporary, paid employees trained to oversee voting and assist voters at the polling places. This is a great opportunity to learn about elections and serve your community.

    If you are interested in serving in the upcoming election(s), please complete this application in full. You may also be required to take a supplemental basic skills test. If so, Victoria City Clerk will reach out to you directly.

  2. 2022 Election Dates

    Primary: Tuesday, August 9, 2022.

    General: Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

  3. Contact Information
  4. Application
  5. What Precinct would you like to work in?*
  6. Availability of hours:*

    The General Election has write-in votes that need to be counted at end of night. Normally, work wraps up between 10 p.m. - 11 p.m. No guarantees can be made to time preferences. 

  7. Do you speak, read and write English?*
  8. Does your employer require written notice if you work on election day?*
  9. Party Affiliation*
  10. If none, type "N/A"

  11. Please Read and Acknowledge Below
    • To ensure fair and honest elections results, if selected to serve as an election judge, I will adhere to the following:

      - I will arrive at my assigned polling place at the assigned time and remain until my assigned time or excused by the Chair Judge.

      - I agree to be courteous, respectful and to assist all voters regardless of national origin, physical challenge or efficiency in the English language.

      - I agree to read and study the Election Judge Training Manual and any additional information.  I will attend Election Judge Training so that I am prepared to fulfill my responsibility to conduct the election according to federal, state and local election laws and policies.

      - I understand that we are responsible for the security of election equipment and supplies, and I will handle and monitor all such equipment and supplies exactly as instructed.

      - I agree to complete all documentation required by federal, state and local election laws for my assigned position's responsibilities as accurately and completely as possible: including voter canvasses, Election Day logs and any other documentation designed to reconstruct the election or to document that the number of persons appearing to vote and the number of votes cast guarantee a fair and honest outcome.

      - I agree to report immediately to the Chair Judge any malfunction or possible tampering of voting equipment, unusual or suspicious behavior occurring in the polling room, or any other event or occurrence that may threaten the accurate gathering or sanctity of the vote.

      - I agree not to bring newspapers, magazines or other public information materials into the polling room.

      - I agree to remain a-political and refrain from making personal opinion comments while serving as an election judge.

  12. *** I hereby certify that all answers to the questions on this application are true and I have read and agree to the above statements.
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