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City of Victoria Volunteer Application

  1. Personal Information
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  3. Okay to call me here?
  4. Volunteer Interest
  5. Availability
  6. Volunteer Preference
    If you are applying for a particular volunteer position, please specify.
  7. Education
  8. Community, Volunteer or Work Experience
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  13. References
    REFERENCES ARE REQUIRED FOR PLACEMENT. Please provide two personal, work or academic references with complete addresses.
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  17. Okay to call?
  18. Recruitment Source
  19. How did you hear about us:
  20. I Agree
    I give my permission to check the references that I have listed. I certify that the facts set forth in the volunteer application are true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any falsification, misrepresentation or concealment of information on this application may be sufficient grounds for disqualification for volunteering or immediate discharge and that the City of Victoria shall not be liable in any respect if my volunteering is so denied or terminated. I understand that I am applying for a volunteer position and that I will not be paid in any way. I understand that a background check may be required for certain volunteer positions.

    I understand that I will need a parent guardian permission form if I am under the age of 18.

    In accordance with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, the City of Victoria is required to inform you of your rights as they relate to the personal information collected from you. Minnesota Statutes §§ 13.04 and 13.43 are two sections that govern what affects you as an applicant for volunteering with the City of Victoria.

    Minnesota law requires that you be informed of the purposes and intended uses of the information you provide to the City of Victoria during the application process or during volunteer assignments. Any information about yourself that you provide during the application and interview process will be used to distinguish you from other applicants, identify you in our program records and enable us to contact you.

    The following information which you will be asked to provide in this application process is considered private data: name, address, home phone number, gender and age group. Private data is available only to you and to other persons at the City of Victoria who have a bona fide need for that data. Your name is considered private information; however, if you are selected to volunteer with the City of Victoria, your name becomes public information.

    Public data is available to anyone requesting it and consists of all data furnished in the application process which is not designated in this notice as private data. Please note that the City does not share information gathered through its sites with third parties for promotional purposes.

    Although you are not legally required to supply information, if you do not supply the information requested, it may mean that your application is not considered.

  22. I declare that I have read and understand the information given above regarding the Minnesota Data Privacy Act.
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