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Application for Utility Services


  1. 1. Service Address and Owner/Renter
  2. 2. Automatic Bill Payment Authorization
  • Service Address and Owner/Renter

    1. Owner or Renter*
    2. I would like to enroll in:*
    3. In consideration of the City of Victoria providing utility services of water, sewer, and storm water, I/we being the owner(s) and/or renter(s) of the real property listed above, affirms that all information on this application is true and correct. I/We will assume the full responsibility of all financial obligations at the above address. I/We have been informed that in the event of non-payment for any of the above-referenced utility services, the City of Victoria may assess said unpaid charges, penalties, and fees against the real property so served pursuant to Victoria Code of Ordinances, Chapter 26. The City of Victoria shall assess said unpaid charges by certifying the amount to the Carver County Auditor for collection as a real property tax.

    4. Please be aware that if the prior owner of your property leaves an unpaid balance, this amount will be assessed to the property for collection with taxes. To avoid this, please contact your title company to verify that the final balance will be paid. You may contact the city to verify payment has been made.

    5. This application will remain in effect until I/we have notified the city in writing to discontinue service. I/We agree to comply with the city ordinances that govern the use of these utilities. I/We agree to permit the authorized agents of the city free access to premises for the purpose of inspection, repair, replacement or service to the water meter and its components as needed.