Parks and Trails

Parks and Trails

Explore one of Victoria’s active and passive parks, playgrounds, or reserved land!

Dotted throughout Victoria are green spaces and trail routes for all to enjoy. As you explore our city, you will notice that there is a public green space within walking distance of every home. Whether you are out for your morning walk with your pup or exploring playgrounds with the family, each area is designed for the needs of the neighborhoods and the community.

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Explore Our Parks and Trails

Stop by the Victoria Recreation Center or City Hall to grab a Victoria Parks & Trails Map before starting out on your adventure. The map has the location of each park and trail as well as public fishing areas.

Download the digital version of the Victoria Parks & Trail Guide.

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Experience Our Parks

The City of Victoria's Parks & Recreation Department provides opportunities to explore our parks and trails systems through innovative and fun programming for everyone in our community.

Learn more about the programs hosted in Victoria's parks.

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Enhance Our Parks

A Gift to the Park creates a memorial for our loved ones, our achievements, or our happy moments that our community can experience for years to come. Park benches, picnic tables, and trees are solid reminders of your memory that will live in one of Victoria's green spaces.

Learn how you can give a gift to the park.

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The public parks and trails woven throughout Victoria, Minnesota are managed and maintained by, or in partnership with, the City of Victoria Parks & Recreation Department.

Explore the City of Lakes and Parks

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