Community Gardens

Community Gardens

Community Gardens

Gather, connect, and grow a variety of vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs in our community gardens planted across Victoria, Minnesota!

Community gardens are typically located on public lands or private property of community partners, in our case at Diethelm Park behind the Victoria Recreation Center, and at Holy Family Catholic High School along Kochia Lane. These small plots of gardens are for those who do not have a yard of their own, may not have the means to grow a garden in their yard, or just do not want a garden in their yard.

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Registration is now open for returning community gardeners in Victoria, Minnesota.

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Community Garden Locations
Diethelm Park (Victoria Recreation Center)
Address: 8475 Kochia Lane, Victoria MN
Parking: Victoria Recreation Center Main Parking Lot
Garden Plots: 25 Raised Garden Plots

Holy Family Catholic High School
Address: 8101 Kochia Lane, Victoria Minnesota
Parking: Holy Family Catholic High School Main Parking Lot
Garden Plots: 20 Raised Garden Plots

Know Before You Go
Community Gardens Information
City of Victoria provides the following:
  • 10x20 Raised Garden Plot
  • Water and Hoses
  • Annual Tilling
  • Fall Composting
  • Assigned Plot (Plot Assignment Mailed Out in Early May)
Community Gardeners are responsible for the following:
  • Registration fee ($60/plot)
  • Plot maintenance and weed control (no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides)
  • Seeds, plants, fertilizer and equipment for proper preparation, growing and cultivating crops
  • Will only use organic materials (no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides)
  • Tools and fencing (if desired)
  • Clearing out plot at end of the season (October 15, 2024)
  • Turn in plot if you choose not to plant in it

Community Garden Resources

Community Garden Timeline 
  • Community Garden Communications (February 8, 2024) — Community Garden registration forms are emailed out to all interested gardeners and gardeners from the previous season. Contact if you would like to be added to the list.
  • Returning Gardener Registration Period (February 8-March 16, 2024) — If you had a garden plot in the previous season, you will have priority to register before registration opens to the general public. The Parks & Recreation Department will not accept any registrations from new gardeners during this registration period. Returning gardeners are guaranteed the same plot they had the previous season. There is no online registration available during this registration period.
  • General Registration Period (March 17-April 14, 2024) —  New gardeners can register for available plots. Plots are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Community Gardens Open (Mid-May 2024) — Garden plots will open as soon as they are ready for the season. This means when the frost is out of the ground and the soils are dry enough to till.
  • Community Gardens Close (October 15, 2024) — Garden plots will be closed for the season.

Contact Information
For questions, please contact

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