Arboretum Area Transportation Plan

Arboretum Area Transportation Plan

One of the largest transportation initiatives for Victoria, Minnesota is the Arboretum Area Transportation Plan, a vision for the transportation needs in the corridors surrounding the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

The plan encompasses transportation needs for Minnesota State Highway 5 (MN 5) from Victoria’s western city limits east past the Highway 41 intersection to Century Blvd. in Chanhassen, Rolling Acres Road and Bavaria Road from 82nd Street W north to Highway 7, and 82nd Street W from Bavaria Road east to Highway 41.

Project Overview
The Arboretum Area Transportation Plan identifies 20 improvement projects along the corridors. The implementation approach for the Plan prioritizes these projects based on multiple factors including recognition of already planned/programmed projects, financial constraints, funding opportunities, contribution toward improving the transportation network, public support, and Council priorities. 


Each corridor within the plan has a general vision that guides transportation discussions, budgets, and plans for the City of Victoria and project partners.

Highway 5 — The overall vision for Highway 5 is to expand the roadway to four lanes, improve several intersections, and allow flexibility for future development areas. At some locations, multiple concepts are moving forward to be explored more when a project from the vision moves into the design phase.
Learn more about the Highway 5 Improvement Project.

Rolling Acres Road — The vision for Rolling Acres Road includes reconstruction of the road with improved intersections, continuous pedestrian/bicycle facilities, and an improved crossing for the Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Trail. The vision includes a two-lane divided road south of Interlaken and flexibility for either a two-lane divided or three-lane facility north of Interlaken. 

Bavaria Road Trail — The recommended vision for Bavaria Road is to build a trail on the east side of the road. The City of Victoria is already moving forward with this project as part of a separate effort. Local funding and grant money will pay for the project and final design of the trail has started.

West 82nd Street — The vision for West 82nd Street is a two-lane undivided roadway with trail along the north side. Other improvements include a roundabout at Bavaria Road, a side street stop with potential for a roundabout in the future at McKnight Road, and flexibility for the ravine crossing connection to Lyman Boulevard.
Learn more about the 82nd Street Project.

Project Partners
The Arboretum Area Transportation Plan is a partnership of Carver County Public Works Division, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and the Cities of Victoria, Chanhassen, and Chaska.

Anticipated Project Schedule
Moving forward, the Arboretum Area Transportation Plan will be used as a reference to support coordinated transportation planning among Carver County, MnDOT, and the cities of Victoria, Chanhassen and Chaska. A shared vision for corridors in the area will assist each agency as they consider future capital improvements and develop budgets.

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