Street and Maintenance Projects

Street and Maintenance Projects

Current Street and Utility Projects
Several areas in Victoria are or will be under construction for street and utility improvements.

Kochia Lane Connection    COMPLETED 
Kochia Lane Between County Road 18 and 78th Street (North of Holy Family High School)
This project finalized the connection of Kochia Lane between County Road 18 and 78th Street during the spring and summer of 2023. It included a trail and is anticipated to reduce the traffic burden on surrounding roads and connect the area to the north. The Kochia Lane Connection is now complete and open for public traffic.

Well No. 6 for South Growth Area    IN PROGRESS 
South Growth Area (10235 Creekside Lane)
Construction of Well No. 6 will be ongoing into the spring of 2024 and will help provide municipal drinking water to Victoria’s south growth area.

Stieger Lake Lane West Improvements    IN PROGRESS 
Stieger Lake Lane West Near Downtown Victoria
Improvements along Stieger Lake Lane West include reconstructing the road to city standards, which means creating a ‘50-year road’ that is designed with future growth and needs in mind. Construction along the north side of the road will include parking stalls and consistent streetscape features. It will also replace the current sanitary sewer system and water system as well as create a new stormwater system.

Green Crest Sidewalk    IN PROGRESS 
Along CR 18 from Green Crest Drive to CR 11
The Green Crest sidewalk is currently under construction to provide a safe route to connect the Green Crest neighborhood to Victoria Drive. This project is currently stalled due to a utility issue with Xcel Energy. 

2024 Mill and Overlay Project    PLANNING 
Portions of Kelzer Pond Dr, Trillium Ln, Trillium Cir, Trillium Ct, and 81st St
The 2024 mill and overlay project includes the replacement of the road’s top layer of pavement, spot removal, and replacement of damaged curbs and gutters, removal and replacement of damaged sidewalks, and pedestrian ramp improvements.  Construction is anticipated to occur in summer of 2024.  

Other Projects
City of Victoria
Carver County Transportation Projects
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Engineering design standards guide the planning and design of public infrastructure within the city with oversight from the City of Victoria Engineering Department.

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