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Dwelling Surveys
Survey Requirements

  • Scale of drawing
  • Lot number, block number, and site address
  • Dimensions of lot and north arrow
  • Location and dimensions of all existing buildings
  • Dimensions of proposed buildings, accessory structures, and accessory buildings with distances to front, rear, and side property line(s)
  • Location of stakes at the lot corners and offsets related to building setbacks
  • Building setbacks and impervious surface calculations
  • Location and dimensions of any driveways, private sidewalks, patios or other hard surfaces
  • The location and type of all recorded easements, both public and private
  • Existing and proposed two foot contours across the property
    • Survey elevations, drainage and house design must be consistent with approved grading plan
  • Spot elevations at the following points:
    • Each lot corner (both existing and proposed)
    • Each building corner
    • Crown of street or top of curb, whichever is higher, at each lot line extended
    • Proposed lawn and driveway elevations at all sides of building and along swales
    • Emergency Overflow (EOF) elevations
  • Direction of surface water drainage indicated by arrows and percent of fall including:
    • Arrows depicting general drainage patterns\
    • Percent of fall should be indicated for any defined swales, drainage ways, or water ways
    • Percent of fall away from foundation
    • Slope of driveway
  • Grading to drain surface water away from foundation walls
    • Grade shall fall minimum six inches within the first 10 feet
      • Where lot lines, walls, slopes or other physical barriers prohibit this, drains or swales shall be constructed to ensure drainage away from structure
    • Impervious surfaces within 10 feet of the building foundation shall be sloped minimum 2% slope away from building
  • Minimum Floor Elevations and any associated high water levels
  • Proposed retaining walls (Engineering Certification required for walls > 4’ in height)
  • The location of any utilities within the property including invert elevation of drain tile stubs
  • If necessary, location and size of driveway culverts must be shown
  • Existing significant trees (> 8 caliber inches) and any proposed trees, as identified on approved landscaping plan for the development