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Wellhead Protection Plan
The City of Victoria recently received approval of their Wellhead Protection Plan from the Minnesota Department of Health. The goal of the Wellhead Protection is to prevent drinking water from becoming polluted by managing possible sources of contamination in the area which supplies water to the city wells. city staff worked closely with the Minnesota Department of Health in identifying the recharge area of the city wells based on geology of the area, groundwater flow and volume of water pumped. This information resulted in a map being developed that identifies the recharge area of the city wells.

One of the goals identified in the Wellhead Protection Plan is to promote land use practices that will help protect the aquifer used by the city wells. city, and local resource staff are working together to help protect the area's water supply and request your support of these efforts. If you would like more information about wellhead protection, please contact the city.

"Wellhead Protection is all about creating awareness about where your drinking water comes from and things landowners and the public can do to help protect our groundwater resources" state Bruce Olsen, Minnesota Department of Health Source Water Protection Unit Supervisor. The city will be doing a variety of on-going education and outreach efforts in the community as part of implementing the Wellhead Protection Plan.