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Downtown Redevelopment
Heart of Our Community
Victoria is proud to have a healthy and vibrant downtown.Downtown is truly the heart of the community.We have a wide variety of business and entertainment venues.

The downtown vision is to essentially redevelop and revitalize downtown for prime retail sales and service uses, office, entertainment, housing, and recreational uses at a village or small town scale using design, architecture, and site planning to accommodate downtown activities, including the pedestrian, as well as the auto. For a primary exterior building, materials shall be of quality brick, stucco, wood, and glass. Quality landscaping such as special pavements, decorative lighting, plazas, kiosks, and decorative furniture shall be used to enhance outside spaces. This will be done toprovide a variety of color, texture, and form throughout the year.

The City of Victoria has undertaken efforts to define and create a master plan in anticipation of continued redevelopment and expansion of the downtown area. This directive stemmed from objectives provided in the Strategic Plan adopted by the City Council in February 2015.  Those objective include: further promotion of downtown as a destination, incorporating housing diversity, create a plan for the city-owned 13.5 acre parcel, and the expansion of commercial opportunities in the community.

An open house was held on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 from 6:00 - 7:30 PM in the Council Chambers at Victoria City Hall providing the community an opportunity to explore key mater plan components and provide feedback on visuals, concepts, and direction. Open house materials can be found here: