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City Code and Open Government
Public Records
We are in the process of creating a one-stop shop for all official records of meetings and actions taken by the city council and city boards, commissions and committees in addition to the city newsletter archive and building permits. The City of Victoria Public Records page currently includes the following: minutes of city council and official city commission and committee meetings; ordinances adopted by the city council; resolutions passed by the city council; and official city newsletters.
City Code

Ordinances adopted by the city council are compiled in the Code of Ordinances of the City of Victoria.
The following ordinances have been approved but are not included in the online code yet:

State law requires that at least 10 days before a City Council schedules a final vote on a proposed ordinance or proposed amendment to an ordinance, it needs to publish said ordinance or amendment on the City website. You may sign up for email notifications about proposed ordinances or amendments.
  • Ord.427. Tree Preservation/Steep Slopes for discussion at the 2/25/19 Council meeting.
  • Limiting Lake Minnetonka Access to Riparian Lots, Lots 8 & 9, Hawks Pointe for discussion at the 2/19/19 Planning Commission meeting and possibly forwarded to the 2/25/19 Council meeting.
  • Dock Amendment for discussion at the 2/19/19 Planning Commission meeting and possibly forwarded to the 2/25/19 Council meeting.

  • The following recent city records are available online.

    Data Practices Policies and Information Disclosure Request

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    Data Protection

    City forms used to collect data on individuals will be periodically reviewed to ensure that all data is relevant and necessary. Private and confidential information will be stored in files or databases which are not readily accessible to individuals who do not have authorized access and which will be secured during hours when the offices are closed. Private and confidential data must be kept only in city offices, except when necessary for city business. Only those employees whose job responsibilities require them to have access will be allowed access to files and records that contain private or confidential information.These employees will be instructed to not discuss, disclose or otherwise release private or confidential data to city employees whose job responsibilities do not require access to the data and to shred private or confidential data before discarding. When a contract with an outside party requires access to private or confidential information, the contracting party will be required to use and disseminate the information consistent with the Data Practices Act. All records will be disposed of according to the city’s records retention schedule.


    Our website is designed to improves access to city information and the ability to participate in public discussions. Send your comments to Gwen Campbell, Communications and Human Resources Manager.