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Hydrant Flushing
Hydrant Flushing 

City crews are performing hydrant flushing throughout the city over the next few weeks. 
See below for hydrant flushing dates.
    Zone 1 Hydrant Flushing
    Zone 2 Hydrant Flushing
    Zone 4 Hydrant Flushing
    Zone 3 + Misc Area Hydrant Flushing

Why its important 
  • Hydrant flushing allows the city to ensure the system is in good working order
  • It removes mineral deposits or sediment that may accumulate in water mains

What you should know
  • You may experience periods of low water pressure
  • Discoloration of the water may occur
    • The water is safe to drink
    • It may stain laundry, so running the washer is not advised until the water is clear again
  • To clear discolored water, run the cold water faucet