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City of Victoria Online Permit Portal

Contractors: Contractors must have an account with the City of Victoria to pull permits. If you have pulled permits in the past you should have an account. Please contact the Building Department (952-443-4210, option 1) to obtain your pin number. The pin number is required for you to sign in to the online portal. If you are new to the City of Victoria, you will need to create an account before you apply for a permit.

If you notice the property owner information is incorrect or you have questions regarding the online permit process, please contact City Hall (952-443-4210, option 1) prior to submitting for a permit. 

  1. Building Permit Applications

New Permit Applicants

The following information is required to obtain a building permit.

  • Complete and signed building permit application  
  • Ventilation computation worksheet (new home).
  • Complete set of construction plans, sent electronically.  
  • Certified survey by a registered surveyor prepared with information contained in the Survey Requirements
  • Individual sewage disposal design, including percolation tests, for two possible sites If applicable.  
  • Erosion control plan for the site.    
    • The plan must be initiated before the building permit is issued and scheduled before excavating.  
    • Provide silt-screen fencing, reseeding and landscaping and other control methods as appropriate.
  • A copy of the submitted MCWD Erosion Control Permit Application packet.

All applications are subject to the Victoria City Code. Setback requirements vary among subdivisions. Contact us at 952-443-4210 to verify setback distances and other questions.

For General Permits, scan the permit application and email to

For Residential Remodel or Commercial Building, scan the permit application and supplemental materials, and email to

Questions? Contact Permit Technician Gina Bresnahan.

  1. Building Information