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Wassermann Lake Preserve

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Wasserman Lake Preserve Details

Wassermann Lake Preserve is a 10-acre preserve on the western shores of Wassermann Lake. It provides a variety of areas to gather, play and enjoy nature including a nature play area, prairie paths, a boardwalk, a picnic shelter and multiple gathering areas throughout the preserve. The site features artistic interpretive elements, such as a watershed walk and legacy oak fire ring to connect visitors to the preserve’s natural features and tell the story of the site’s history and restoration. The preserve also restored the site’s natural areas which feature a wetland, prairie, oak savannah, and an intermittent stream channel. At the centerpiece of the preserve is Wassermann Lake, a popular fishing and boating destination.

Wassermann Lake Preserve History

Wassermann Lake Preserve is a joint effort by the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and the City of Victoria to improve the health of Wassermann Lake. Nutrient pollution within the lake has been reduced by a variety of interventions such as wetland restoration and alum treatments of the lake and nearby pond.

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